Friday, December 01, 2006


Evil by Half

The Liberals have announced that they have finally made their minds up on Trident.

After telling us earlier, through pronouncements by luminaries such as Euan Robson, that they thought nuclear weapons were evil (but they should still retain them) Ming the Hopeless has now decided that we should retain half the current stockpile. Around 100 warheads.

So, against nuclear power (allegedly) but in favour of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

That's a principled stance for you.

Has Euan informed us just exactly who these 'evil' nuclear weapons are there to 'deter'?

I think we should be told!
you should all know that you can't trust ming after his appalling behaviour towards kennedy.
oh another decision made by ming on the hoof? what happened to the democratic policy making decision the liberals pride themselves on.
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