Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Vote for the Fibs on May the 5th

Mike Crockart, fiberal democrat candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith has encouraged people to vote for the Liberal Democrats on May the fifth according to a report in today's Daily Record. In a campaign newsletter it says, “They (Liberals) continue to be the best way of beating Labour come polling day on May 5”.

Well Mike, we here at Fibdems couldn’t agree more. All Liberal Democrat voters – be sure to get out to the polls on the May the 5th! Everyone else, please vote on polling day, May the 3rd.

Squealer will be sure to get his hands on this little gem of idiocy in due course.

"Hey, where is everybody?"

Mike Crockhart is going to win Edinburgh North and Leith and all your childish pedantry will achieve is to raise his profile and show how petty Labour are.

I had to laugh when the photo of his leaflet showed the bar chart.
Unfortunately, the bar chart on his leaflet it wrong. It showed the Lib Dems in 2nd place - at the last Scottish Parliament election, they came fourth.

Also, in case you didn't notice, this blog is run the SNP and a Tory parliamentary researcher.
Was it an honest bar chart? or a barmy bar chart?
Mike "I'm local everywhere" Crock is going to get a sound thrashing - according to our canvass results. It's not us that's going to win, but it's certainly not the political prositutes of Scotland.

Love and kisses Comrade Phil
From the Very North of the UK to the very South of the UK these guys Fib

I have posted a couple of examples of their Fibbing in the last elections anyone care to add to it so we can all have a record of their dishonesty
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