Tuesday, February 13, 2007


And The Award For Blatant Hypocrisy Goes To...

...Nicol Stephen.

Nicol, you see, decided to leap on the carbon footprint reduction bandwagon recently, by declaring:

"I am committed to ending the use of flights from Edinburgh or Glasgow to London for executive business in all but the most exceptional circumstances,"

Less than a week later, Nicol flew to London to attend the BAFTA awards ceremony.

An interesting definition of "exceptional circumstances."

"Mike, it seems you and I share similar credentials on environmental issues"

Not only that, but here is a paragraph from my blog http://our-scotland.blogspot.com/

One man that does have a vision for Scotland is Scottish Lib Dem leader Nicol Stephen. But this vision does not include independence. Despite phrases like, "we champion freedom," "we aim to disperse power," and "we want to enable citizens to take part in the decisions that affect their lives," contained in their raison d’etre on their website, Mr Stephen has said that the issue of a referendum on independence is non-negotiable. He does not want one. The question that needs asked is he speaking for himself or his party?

I is total hypocrisy that he stands for a party that is supposed to be liberal, yet denies the electorate freedom of choice!
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