Friday, February 09, 2007


FibDems - As recommended by the Rt Hon Jack Straw MP

Hat tip to our good mate Jack:
Mr. David Anderson (Blaydon) (Lab): May we have a full debate in Government time about the Government’s record on crime, so that we can again expose, in the public interest, the ludicrous position of the Liberal Democrats, which was so clearly exposed last night?

The Leader of the House of Commons (Mr. Jack Straw): I would be delighted to have a rerun of last night’s debate.

Mr. Heath: So would we.

Mr. Straw: The hon. Gentleman was ever a masochist. I recommend to hon. Members of all parties the excellent website, FibDem. It is brilliant and goes through all the promises that the Liberal Democrats have made about the fight against crime, and all their actions inside and outside the House to undermine and sabotage that fight.

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