Sunday, February 18, 2007


Flawed Fibbing

Well it was a barn stormer of a speech that had them cheering from the rafters...ooh I've come over all Liberal Democrat. Must have been that state of doziness when waking up after Ming's speech.

Anyway one item that did make Old Porridge stir awake was this remark:

"The war in Iraq is the prime example. Our opposition to that war has always been clear and firm. It was an illegal war based on a flawed prospectus."
Will this be the same Ming Campbell who believed that "flawed prospectus" on September 24, 2004:

"We can all agree...that Saddam Hussein...most certainly has chemical and biological weapons and is working towards a nuclear capability. The dossier contains confirmation of information that we either knew or most certainly should have been willing to assume."
As for their "clear and firm" opposition the Green Party have pointed out the LibDem's opposition to the Iraq war did not manifest itself until the last minute, when the Stop The War demonstrations were gathering support and they noticed a few votes to be won in being anti-war.

The spin they appear to have put on it is that Blair should go for this "flawed prospectus". Since Ming believed it then shouldn't this apply to him also? Of course not. When did the Fibs let principle get in the way of deluding the press corp and, more importantly to them, the voters.

Ming was ecstatic at getting away with five fibs in his speech

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