Sunday, February 18, 2007


How Fibs deal with Xenophobes

The squirming of the Fibs' "we aren't negative like all the other big, bad parties" line exploding in their smugs has pleased Porridge even if it is the Nats at the receiving end.

However it did remind Porridge to look out how they act sonsidering it has little bearing on what they say. Hey presto! Ridiculous Politics* comes up with this example of Fib double dealing:

At a full meeting of Burnley Council on December 13th 2006 a position on a local regeneration board came up for renewal. When it came to the vote, there was a choice of only two candidates - a BNP Councillor or a Labour Councillor. The casting vote rested with the Lib Dem controlling group and they backed...the BNP councillor!

Indeed in a letter to the local paper the Lib Dem Councillor declared that in his view he backed the 'better candidate'.

I wonder if Mr Jamie Stone will comment on his fellow Fibs remarks?

Another 'better candidate'?

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