Thursday, February 01, 2007


The Lesser Spotted LibDem MSP

While watching Newsnight Scotland last night with Mrs Inquisitor over some cocoa and custard creams it struck that, while both Labour and the SNP put up MSPs to debate the upcoming Scottish election, representing the Liberal Democrats was Danny Alexander. An MP. Who sits at Westminster.

This seems to be something of a trend, as the Liberals have also been putting up Jo Swinson MP to debate the upcoming elections.

As Labour and the Nats traded insults over their campaigns being "run from London" we can't help but notice that the Liberal MSPs, in their usual sleekit fashion, have crept under the radar.

Why are Nicol and Tavish not going on television to promote themselves?

Is it because they are afraid to appear in case they are asked difficult questions about portfolios in the Executive which they are DIRECTLY responsible for? And therefore couldn't pretend it was all Labour's fault?

Or is it because the Libs realise just how badly Nicol comes across anytime he opens his mouth?

Tavish's attempts at avoiding the election himself didn't quite work


As an afterthought it was quite enjoyable to see Danny's sanctimonious claim of indulging in yah-boo politics shot down in flames by John Milne.

On being asked about the Watergate theme of Prime Minister's Questions he sniffily had a go at Salmond for indulging in the politics that puts voters off. Mr Milne kindly reminded him that the Watergate theme had been first raised by a one Ed Davey - Ming Campbell's chief of staff.

You can enjoy Danny's humiliation at the hands of Milne et al here.

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