Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Unknown in her own kingdom: Nora 'Who?' Radcliffe

It looks like Numpty Nora Radcliffe has taken some tips from Nicol ‘Who?’ Stephen. According to a little piece in the Scottish edition of the Sunday Times a poll showed that only 11% of people in her constituency of Gordon could identify her from a series of photographs. So not only do your constituents have no idea who you are, they certainly don’t know that you are running again.

It looks like Nora may have to do more than campaigning against boiling lobsters alive to increase her media presence.

Noticed this story. And I noticed that the Scottish Lib Dems haven't commented. Presumably because they would have to say that the fascists should get all the help they need to exercise their free speech rights. They would even vote for them themselves for a Burnley Council committee. (See Kerron or my items on the Lib Dem MEP's comic ...)
Love the blog - I have added a link to it on my blog "which you have quoted in the past"

I take you are happy to have the link?

James from - http://bishopbriggshigh.blogspot.com/

Keep up the good work.
Thanks James, we are more than happy to have the link. Keep us informed of any fibbery in your neck of the woods.
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