Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Lies upon lies

It would seem that Ming's speech and it's briefing has caused some real heartache in the Fibs as Iain Dale imparts here:

The Minging Briefer Uncovered

This is Mark Littlewood, who is Head of Press for the Liberal Democrats for the time being at least . It was he who briefed out Ming's speech to journalists on Sunday and told them that PR wouldn't be a dealbreaker in a Lib/Lab coalition. Mr Littlewood is not flavour of the month on several LibDem blogs. I, however, salute him.
So we had the usual cascade of Fibs as Ming hinted at a coalition, they briefed that they wanted a coalition and then they denied that they wanted a coaltion but then again maybe do.

It couldn't happen to a nicer party and the others are laughing all the way to the ballot bank. Labour squeezed them in 1997 as they gave these hints and the others will just say a FibDem vote is now a Labour vote.

Ming's claims that he was on the phone were taken with a pinch of salt


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