Monday, April 02, 2007


Douglas down and out in Motherwell

Squealer missed this gem a few days back. If you are going to crash and burn, best to do it FibDem style. It would appear that the LibDem Scottish Parliament candidate for Motherwell and Wishaw, Stuart Douglas, likes to drown his obvious sorrows with a lot of drink. He is running against Mr. McConnell after all and the Fibs got a strong 4th place 4% last time.

Since he is only 19, perhaps he should heed his party’s stance on the booze mad youth of today. He sure stands as a shining example of Scottish FibDem youth.

Fib HQ tried to dissuade Stuart on his choice of campaign poster

Hat Tip to Politicalopinions

UPDATE: It appears Youngster Stewie isn't the only Lib on the sauce.

fibbers were 6th (!!!) in 2003.
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