Sunday, April 15, 2007


Just where is Dodgy's Election Agent's from?

Old Porridge has been contacted by a viewing conspirator who raises an interesting point about the supposed "locality" of the FibDems candidate for Inverness East and all those other places - a one Craig Harrow.

Craig has been punting himself about (hand in hand with Dodgy) that he is a "local" candidate. Here is doing it here and here. It also appears he is describing himself as coming from the "south Highlands". He was also Dodgy's election agent in 2005.

According to the Highland Council's website it would appear that his "address" for this campaign is Aviemore.

However Old Porridge's viewing conspirator has pointed to the site which paints a different picture on Craig's locality.

A search for "Craig Harrow" and "Aviemore" conjures up this response:

Odd. But my viewing conspirator tells me to search for "Craig Harrow" and "Crieff" which conjures up this response:

Oh dear. Yet another example of the FibDems trying to fool the voters.

It was hard hats all round as the voters found out that the Fibs weren't exactly honest

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