Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Fibbing in Aberdeen

The Aberdeen Leader is the Fib Dem newspaper for Aberdeen Central, an oxymoronic title if ever there were one given the Fibs' dismal third place finish in 2003.

On the back page of the paper is a small piece endorsing the Lib Dem candidate, one Councillor John Stewart, who just so happens to also be the council candidate for George Street/Harbour.

This raises the interesting prospect of him earning close to £70,000 to do both jobs part time if elected, which I am sure the hard working taxpayers of Aberdeen would be delighted about.

Anyway, the piece endorsing him is a soundbite from one Matthew Maguire, an Aberdeen resident.

When one looks at the bottom of the paper, where the tiny print reveals the location of the printer and the name of the election agent, one discovers that Mr Stewart's election agent is a certain Matthew Maguire...shurely shome mishtake?

Also, as we previously reported in Edinburgh North & Leith, the paper is printed in Peterborough, which slightly undermines the Liberals' "Green Pledges" which feature prominently inside.

And just outside Aberdeen they are doing the same West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine News
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