Thursday, August 30, 2007


Liberal Democrats - A party of the people, for the people?

Squealer snorted again with delight this morning after reading what the leader of Edinburgh City Council wants to do to separate her from the ‘hoi polloi’. Finally the truth from the Fibs about what they really think of the citizenry (or subjects?). Jenny Dawe, the leader of Edinburgh City Council, and a Liberal Democrat (Aristocrat?) said, "…there are important civic occasions when I feel it would be important to set us apart from the hoi polloi".

As a part of the hoi polloi Squealer is as disgusted as everyone else by this rare truthful admission from the Fib Dems. Apparently to the Lib Dems some animals are more equal than others.

Naturally and rightfully this has sparked outrage – the Fibs want to play expensive dressing up while they close schools all over Edinburgh.

Jenny realised that these corsages were not enough to seperate her from the Hoi Polloi

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