Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Ming: I'm a failure

Ol’Squealer was happily snoozing through the recess when he was rudely awakened by Ming Campbell imploding in grand fashion at the Fib’s annual conference in Brighton. So loud was the commotion it was covered here, here, here, here and pretty much everywhere – Squealer gave up counting the articles.

The cause of the commotion – Ming hilariously confirming what we already know – he is a failure. It was just better to hear him say it for himself. Even Kennedy was keen to get a boot in when:

Asked if he thought conditions were "harder" today than when he was leader and the party was doing better in the polls, he said: "No, I don't think so. There's nothing that has come as a surprise. It is nothing that should be fazing us at the moment."

Ouch – and to continue the gaffes the Ming confused Italy, with India and the conference staff spelt his name "Sir Menzeis Campbell”.

Squealer honestly, in his wildest dreams, could not imagine a better Lib Dem conference. And to top it all off – Ming gets this picture taken…

Ming showed us his political future

I think you'll find that is a fountain of youth. Ceci est un fountain.

Meanwhile, his hoo in successor Nick Clegg's third party voting figures - supposed to show us what the Lib Dems are for - are utterly ridiculous.

He is from a different school to Old Ming and that's the all means necessary, exaggerate and fib school. If Ming really has offered him the succession for being a good boy now as reported in the Mail - bit annoying for members who thought they'd get a vote (cf Labour) - then this is a good thing for the rest of us I think.

He's a proper weasel not a kindly old gentleman or a figure of fun.
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