Thursday, July 27, 2006


Bombs Away!!!

More dripping sanctimony from the greatest charlatans in British politics.

Responding to the news that US missiles had been moved through Prestwick Airport the sanctimonious one (i.e. Ming Crooked Mouth) made known his feelings by saying:

"If these reports are true, it is particularly provocative for the United States to have acted in this way...[why, of course old chap]...It can only reinforce the belief of many that Britain is taken for granted in the so-called special relationship...["Taken for granted" - Noted]...Who knows how many of these munitions may be used to cause the kind of damage to Lebanon which the prime minister of that country described in Rome as cutting his country to pieces...[My, my, how dramatic]"

But as regular readers of FibDems will know this is not the first time the Fibs have wrung their hands about things American going through Prestwick. Who can forget Old Ming Waldorf getting upset about a rendition flights at Prime Minister’s Questions. As has been pointed out it was strange that he didn’t get on the blower to the Scottish Transport minister - FibDem Trash-it Scott.

However both Trash-it and the even more hapless nicol Stephen have done and said nothing. Are they taking their own "special relationship" in the Executive "for granted" (Copyright Mr M. Campbell) and actually care more for being in power than stopping what they say is a country being cut to pieces.

So much for their oh so much vaunted "principles".

Ming regretted not asking Trash-it to take action after Hizbollah were found to have dug in at Anstruther

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