Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Dodgy Dealings

Once again, FibDems' Aberdeen mole comes up with the goods.

As if it wasn't bad enough that the UK Fibs have accepted money from Michael Brown which could cause them problems, it seems that Nicol Stephen, who could maybe have got away with that one, has landed in it big time.

The local newspaper in Aberdeen, the Press & Journal, has today broken a story of two donations of £1200 each, made to the constituency party of Nicol Stephen by one Ian Suttie.

Ian Suttie for those who are unaware was the man who controversially took over Richards Textiles in Aberdeen and then watched as the company collapsed, 190 workers were left jobless and without pay overnight, and the pension scheme was more or less obliterated.

He has also been investigated for tax fraud, but was cleared after a three day trial where he claimed he did not know his bank account paid interest and so did not realise he was tax liable.

We at FibDem Towers suspect this one could have legs.

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