Sunday, July 16, 2006


Dodgy goes Postal... being found out.

An interesting post I found on RidiculousPolitics and one the doddery old fart missed (No, I know what you're thinking. I mean me and not Ming):
Lib Dem post office lies
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. It appears that the Lib Dems just keep on lying to everyone about their plans on the post office, and then go and shout more lies left right and centre.

Today we focus on Charlie Kennedy, who has launched a campaign to save the post office, apparently. He has delivered a petition to Number 10 calling on Tony to save the post office.

But the person who the post office most needs saved from is... Charlie Kennedy. Or Ming Campbell. Or, indeed, any Lib Dem going.

As we know, their policy is to privatise the post office. They would sell of 75% of shares in the Royal Mail, wth the majority of those being sold on the open market. The government would become a minority shareholder, not the sole shareholder.

But now they have been attacked by the SNP...but in an extraordinary development, fresh-faced Liberal MP Danny "my election leaflet looks like Heat magazine" Alexander, has claimed: "we have no plans to privatise the Post Office". This just ins't true.

Of the 75% of shares to be sold off, about two thirds would be sold on the open market, and the remaining third to employees (who would be free to sell their shares on to anyone they want).
The total composition of shares would look like this:

49% - private companies
25.5% - government
25.5% - employees

So it would just take 1% of shares to be sold by employees to private companies for the Lib Dems to have privatised the post office.

So it just isn't true to say "we have no plans to privatise the post office". Shame on you, but no surprise really.

You can read the Press and Journal story here.
Old Porridge decided to look at Dodgy's remarks and was amazed at the gymnastic style fibbery: "We have no plans to privatise the Post Office [followed by] we would, by selling a minority holding in Royal Mail."

A bit like saying: "I have no plans to drive the car today and will be turning left at the junction in two minutes."

Jo's spelling was improving but she always had trouble in remembering to put the "y" at the start of "your" in order to warn voters about her party's plans

PS.1 Jo Swinson seems to need her hand held a lot by that woman - Exhibit A, Exhibit B.

PS.2 Apologies for the slight edit Ridicuous but FibDem Towers being a multiparty venture some of the more sensitive creatures get a bit anxious if we draw away from the focus on the Fibs and bring in other parties. Ta for the link though.

No problems about the edit at all. RidiculousPolitics
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