Friday, July 07, 2006


Fibbing in Fife

Alex Cole-Hamilton, former FibDem Storyteller-in-Chief at the Scottish Parliament is in a celebratory mood following his success at topping the party list in Mid-Scotland and Fife.

Alex's blog can be found here, we at FibDem Towers cannot accept responsibility for any injuries sustained while laughing at the content.

The following remark in his blog caught the eye:
"As pundits and polling suggest that we will get at least 2 off this list next year I am delighted to have been selected along with Andrew Arbuckle, an excellent MSP and a great friend."

One wonders if this is the same sort of polling that had them on 33% in Moray...

Nevertheless, it does beg the question, just what would it need for them to take 2 list seats in MS&F at the 2007 election?

Firstly, they would need to make no FPTP gains, so it seems any repeat of Dunfermline has been written off by Alex, we hope that the journos who read us are taking note.

There then comes the position of the Liberal Democrats in the mindset of the voters of Mid-Scotland and Fife. Do they consider them trustworthy types, we wonder?

Let us take the example of the man who was, up until recently, the Lib Dem MSP for Mid Scotland and Fife. Mr Keith Raffan.

Oh, OK, that was probably a bad choice, but the voters will have forgotten all about that one. Let us instead turn to the fine example being set by the man who replaced him, Mr Andrew Arbuckle.

Just in case you don't click on Andrew's name, we'll highlight this passage:
Among the MSP turncoats one name stands out. Andrew Arbuckle is a member of the joint bridge board. He has long been a staunch advocate of a toll-free road system. Fifteen months ago, Mr Arbuckle objected to tolls on the Tay rising. This is what he said:
“Twenty-five per cent of tolls collected go to pay staff wages, with a further 30% going to cover finance charges.

“I was looking forward to a time when the bridge would be toll-free as part of the national road network, but as things stand, motorists are getting fleeced.”

But yesterday it was the voters who indirectly sent Mr Arbuckle to Holyrood who were fleeced. They may have thought he said what he meant and meant what he said. But the truth is he failed to vote against the very tolls he has so long castigated.

Mr Arbuckle told the chamber he was concerned about the future of bridge staff, outstanding debt and maintenance. That is humbug. What really galls is that, as a list MSP, he has a very good chance of being re-elected despite his hypocrisy. There is no justice.
Whoopsadaisy indeed. Well, at least there's always the record of that great by-election swindler to fall back on in case of emergency. After all, he's still being doused in euphoria after managing to con the voters of Dunfermline and West Fife. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Willie Rennie.

Oh well, never mind Alex, there's a career in fiction writing out there for you yet!

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