Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Giving a Good Account of Themselves

Why do the Scottish Fib Dems need an extension to the July 7th deadline to submit audited accounts to the Electoral Commission?

Could it have anything at all to do with a certain £2.4 million?

We couldn't possibly speculate on such matters, suffice it to say that it is more likely yet another fine example of Nicol and Tavish doing their usual incompetent job of things.

After all, if Nicol can make this mess out of Scottish Enterprise's budget, screwing up his own party's accounts should be a walk in the park.

Alarm bells rang at Electoral Commission HQ when the Scottish Lib Dem accounts were delivered.

This is serious stuff. Will the Electoral commission fine them? and more interesting is Jeb Bush visiting Nicol Stephen next week - are the two things related?
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