Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Has anyone seen their leader?

Don't let a Fib tell you that they have absolute confidence in their leader. It seems that with Scottish Parliament elections looming next year they're keeching themselves that Ming's appalling leadership and judgement will drag them down.

Combined with Nicol Stephen's hilarious comedy routine of a meglomaniac the words is that they think he's overdone it and they've set themselves up for a fall.

Is Porridge being a bit too conspiratorial you say? No. I've just been looking at their website.

Exhibit A - Before (now you see him):

Exhibit B - After (now you don't):

What? Just a website change? Well, there's this little news item trying to bum up Charlie Kennedy's comeback as their main campaign tool. Trash-it Scott says "We will use Charles Kennedy at the Scottish election. He was devastating at Dunfermline."

Hmmm. Was that the by-election of which Alan Cochrane said: "Willie Rennie and the Liberal Democrats fought an entirely fraudulent campaign based on a wholly bogus prospectus"?

The one where Trash-it was exposed in the Dundee Courier for hypocrisy?

And just in case anyone thinks Charlie is some golden age of FibDem honesty...

"People want honesty… It should be about being straight with people, telling it as it is, being honest and direct, appealing to hopes and aspirations rather than playing upon fears and divisions"

- Charlie Kennedy 4 July 2002

"Sometimes in politics you’ve got to lie"

- Charlie Kennedy 2 May 2002

And as for his principled position on Iraq...

There was some doubt as to Charlie's claim
that he had given up lighting his farts

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