Saturday, September 23, 2006


Did Bernie Balls Up Big Time?

An interesting comment from Copper Spoon on Guido's site:
Copper Spoon said...
That's nothing Guido - the Scottish "Liberal" "Democrats" have placed a blanket ban on any of their selected candidates blogging, lest they embarrass themselves....
It's just that it comes shortly after Bernie Hughes had squirm like crazy after getting found out for doing what we know FibDems do - pretend to be the offended opposition for the voters rather than take responsibility for their decisions.

As was pointed out after some bravado by Bernie he then went into Winston Smith mode and deleted all comment that exposed him. Big, big hat tip to Yellow Peril for bringing this one to our attention and keeping the pressure on Bernie here, here, here, here, here*, here and here (Phew!).

* This one appears to have been spammed. Could it be a case of "Hell hath no fury like a FibDem exposed"? Nevertheless it does make interesting reading on Bernie's upfront LibDemism:

Wednesday 30.08.2006
18:52 They don't like it up them

Bernie the brain (aka Super Numpty) has deleted all the messages on his blog that demonstrated that collective responsibility did apply to decisions of the Scottish Executive. He also expunged all references to this blog and fibdems and even his own post boasting about the Scottish Lib Dems' rise in the polls because it also had a go at myself and Porridge Oatens.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Obviously bears of little brain such as himself find it difficult to deal with criticism.

Update: It seems we owe the Scottish Lib Dems a small apology - as Bernie has made it clear that not even they are stupid enough to stand him for the Scottish Parliament (though we have a media reference that suggests otherwise).

The update is a bit odd and based on Bernie's own "word" - the word of a FibDem - and is at odds with this link* which clearly says:
23/02/06 Strathaven Extra 2.3
Glasgow Caledonian’s book resource centre manager, Bernie Hughes, is also the Scottish Liberal Democrats candidate for East Kilbride.
So has he quickly resigned and hope no-one will ask him or his party lest his embarrassing blogging comes to light and more voters are party to his party's duplictous campaigning?

"...the Scottish "Liberal" "Democrats" have placed a blanket ban on any of their selected candidates blogging, lest they embarrass themselves..."

* Just press cancel on the password box and it should open up in document format.

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