Saturday, September 23, 2006


The East Dunbartonshire Question?

Need one say more than "Jo Swinson". The question being "How?" in how in heaven's name did she get elected?

After becoming unstuck with her own LibDem run-council you would think she would learn her lesson of saying one thing whilst her party does another whether it be political advertising, pensioners, or nuclear power. Of course considering some of her questions (1, 2) is that any surprise?

Her latest offering is this example of FibDemmery designed to make the Fibs look like they are complete innocents when it comes to constitutional problems:

Jo Swinson, the party's spokeswoman for Scotland, insisted that failure to answer the "West Lothian Question" would do long-term constitutional damage.

Addressing a fringe meeting, Ms Swinson said: "Our current constitutional arrangements are unsustainable. The West Lothian Question has never been adequately answered and if not addressed, the anomalies it highlights will continue to fester and fuel resentment against Scottish MPs over time."

Is that right Jo? Then perhaps you could explain why your own party took part in creating that anomaly? And why you continue to let it fester by voting in Parliament as a Scottish MP on such issues as English Council Tax, the English Environment and Countryside, English Special Schools, English Dentistry and Primary Health Care, and English Licensing laws?

Or is this yet another example of the Fibs pretending to be one thing whilst doing another?

Jo was also stumped when people asked her the time

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