Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Our Hero for the Day

The Right Honourable Douglas Alexander MP

Whilst some of us at FibDem Towers may have our differences with Dougie (and others lavish him with unstinting praise all the time - you know who you are JS) we at FibDems have had to congratulate him in taking the Fibs well and truly apart at Scottish Questions today.

Mind you he couldn't have achieved it without the incredible dimwittedness of the Fibs towering collusus of a Shadow Scotland spokesgal - one Josephine Swinson.

It takes some depths of dimness to follow up a question by your ousted predecessor - one General Melchett of the Red Face of Ulbster - on an issue where he is at absolute odds with the party line; that being the issue of nuclear power. Melchie loves the stuff whilst the party is wanting to con green voters into thinking they are on their side.

As anyone who reads FibDems know the Fibs are all over the shop, the forecourt and the wee bit where you park your trolley on their nuclear policy. ("Just nuclear?" I hear you say)

Mind you, considering questions like this such tactical idiocy from Jo should not be a surprise.

What was a surprise was that it must have been one of the rarest occassions in Parliament when Labour, the Nats, and the Tories found something to laugh about in unison.

My wee clipe in the south tells me that already questions are now raging in the tea rooms about how long Josephine can last in her post. As long as she can we hope.

Jo wondered if she had set up the paddling pool on the wrong spot

PS - However I wouldn't like Dougie to think that my feelings are long term. Tomorrow I'll be back to my grumpy self.

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