Sunday, October 01, 2006


Another Bernie in the making

It would seem our friend Bernie has a possible apprentice. Step forward Stephen Glenn of the West Lothian FibDems.

Replying to a post by Iain Dale on his humungous Diary about the Fibs biggest benefactor getting the pokey wur Stephen writes:

Stephen Glenn said...

As the BBC have reported this court case has nothing to do with his donation and the Electoral Commission have already ruled that the donation was permissible.

7:07 PM

Oh is that right Stephen? You're biggest ever donor being exposed as a crook has, er, nothing to do with your party? As someone points out later in the thread the Electoral Commission actually reserve "the right to say otherwise following the outcome of further legal proceedings".

Obviously another example of fibbery being endemic in the FibDems.

And the very next day Iain adds more cold water to the firing fibbery:

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Was LibDem Donation Permissable and Will Courts Force Them to Repay It?

The Times questions this morning whether the 2.4 million pound donation to the LibDems by convicted perjurer Michael Brown was permissable under Electoral Commission rules. Three of the four investors in 5th Avenue Partners were foreign, which raises the possibilty that the LibDems were in effect given a foreign donation. This is The Times's speculation, not mine.

These four investors, who include former Man United chairman Martin Edwards, believe it was their money which Brown donated and they want it back. However, the LibDems have spent the money and couldn't pay it back even if they felt morally obliged to - which they don't.

The next stage is for the four investors to launch a court action against the LibDems. Watch this space.

But Stephen is not any ordinary Fib. He publishes and promotes the Fibs West Lothian site. He was also their candidate in Linlithgow & Falkirk East. We seem sure that he will be popping up again for 2007 so feel it is a duty to warn the folk of West Lothian of the strong possibility of being misled in the months ahead.

Stephen was convinced the Garibaldi vote was in the bag with his choice of shirt

Baldy vote, maybe
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