Friday, October 27, 2006


More Bob Rustling

It get's worse for poor Bob Russell and his typically opportunistic sanctimony on the "black economy"

Not only has the Evening Standard exposed him with this hilarious run down on FibDem double standards:
But Mr Russell's comments appeared to have backfired yesterday after opposition MPs pointed out that the term had been regularly used by many of his own colleagues.

Last month, a motion at the Liberal Democrat's annual conference called for delegates to campaign against the 'black economy'.

The party's Trade and Industry spokesman Ed Davey also uses the term on his personal website, while another senior Liberal Democrat MP Paul Holmes has previously campaigned against economic moves which "drive the most needy into the black economy."

Other Liberal Democrats who have used the term include John Barrett MP, Chris Davies MEP and Liz Lynne MEP.
But last night on Question Time Lord "Pad-me" Ashdown used the expression as well.

Bob was miles ahead of Ed in winning the Tosser of the Year award

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