Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The question that won't go away

Despite attempts by the Fibs to claim that the £2.4 million question has nothing to with them....:

"There is no connection between the Liberal Democrats and the offences to which Michael Brown has pleaded guilty and has been sentenced today"
....the issue won't just go away - despite their attempts at hiding from it by failing to appear on the Politics Show.

As Iain Dale and Guido highlight (hat-tip) it's still a live issue:
Iain Dale - Electoral Commission Confirms LibDems May Have to Repay £2.4 Million

Guido -
Price to be Paid by LibDems
In fact FibDem members are at loggerheads with their bosses and want it paid back.

Perhaps they have the sense to realise that when you are in possession of money that seems to have been acquired dishonestly that it is called "receiving stolen property".

But why should the Big Fibbers change the habits of a political lifetime.

The next meeting of the Fib Dem Executive was rather difficult

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