Thursday, November 30, 2006


Our Favourite Fife Flip-Flopper

Happy St Andrews Day to one and all.

Speaking of St Andrews Day, let's see what Iain Smith (MSP for North East Fife) has had to say over a period on the matter of declaring St Andrews Day a public holiday.

S1M-1413 Iain Smith (North East Fife) (LD) : St Andrew's Day National Holiday— That the Parliament recognises the importance of St Andrew's Day as Scotland's national day and calls upon the Scottish Executive to declare St Andrew's Day a national public holiday celebrating the diversity and history of Scotland.
Supported by: Donald Gorrie, Ms Fiona McLeod, Michael Russell, Dr Winnie Ewing, Mr Kenneth Gibson, Irene McGugan, Shona Robison, Ms Sandra White, Mr Adam Ingram, Mr Alex Neil, Mr Gil Paterson, Tommy Sheridan, Mr Robin Harper, Brian Adam, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Tricia Marwick, Mr Andrew Welsh, Alasdair Morgan, Mrs Nora Radcliffe, Mr Andrew Wilson, Mr Keith Raffan, Mr Lloyd Quinan, Mr Jamie Stone, Ms Roseanna Cunningham, Mr Michael Matheson
Lodged on 30 November 2000; not current as of 23 January 2001

Then in a debate in 2005 on the introduction of a Members Bill by Dennis Canavan.

I disagree with one fundamental policy intention—it is included in the policy memorandum—of Dennis Canavan's bill. I refer to the intention to create an additional holiday. I have always believed that a St Andrew's day holiday should be created by replacing an existing holiday—my preference would be for the replacement of the spring bank holiday—as we did in the Scottish Parliament. We created a St Andrew's day holiday for our staff by replacing another holiday.

Eagle eyed readers will notice that Mr Smith makes no mention in his motion of 2000 about replacing an existing holiday. In any case, he did not vote in favour of the Bill at Stage One.

Finally, the issue was debated yesterday in Parliament as the Bill reached Stage 3. Here is what Iain Smith had to say on the Bill (which was the same one he made those comments about in 2005 with no amendments tabled)

I support the bill.

Never let it be said Mr Smith is not consistent in his approach.

I imagine he'll be changing his tune on this bill in the coming months as well, no doubt.

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