Thursday, December 14, 2006


Trident Tested

According to the Scotland4Peace website 4 Lib Dem MSPs have said they are against Trident renewal.

Have they checked their party policy on this?

We find it more intriguing that another 13 Libs have failed to respond to the surveys which were sent out by the organisation.

What have they got to hide?

It's just as well that all Labour MSPs and MPs in Scotland and elsewhere are total converts to Bliar's trident replacement policy then, isn't it? Everyone's left CND, and Scots Labour would never dream of talking to another party to cling to power now it's lost its absolute majority at Holyrood. I seem to remember that in your party, dissenters are usually treated to an ice pick in the back of the head. Are you sure you're really Labour at all?
Ice picks? Bit of hyperbole there. And even if a metaphor you seem to have forgotten how a certain Charles Kennedy was treated.

But you also seem to be avoiding the obvious point that the FibDems are being utterly disingenuous on this issue.

As the table shows Labour MSPs are quite willing to give differing views on opposition to Trident whilst FibDems seem reluctant to say they support something which their party supports. Are they trying to pretend to be on both sides at the same time?
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