Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Trouble at Ming's Mill

It would appear not all can be happy in the offices of Ming and his partner MSP Iain Smith according to the Herald:

A LibDem press officer yesterday said he would stand for Holyrood as an Independent in the Lothians. Duncan Thorp, a former aide to LibDem MSP Iain Smith, said he understood why voters were disillusioned.
According to this report "until last Thursday" he worked for Mr Smith. Duncan says:

"over the last few years working for the Scottish Liberal Democrats I have become increasingly disillusioned with the entire party political system."
Porridge would suggest that he shouldn't judge all parties on the basis of how the Fibs notoriously operate.

Anyway, more embarrassing for the Fibs is the fact that Duncan is still on Mr Smith's Parliament webpages:

Duncan's website also has some revealing comments on how he feels about the inside track in FibDemmery:
“For many years working in the Scottish Parliament I have seen the reality of what happens behind the scenes in Scottish politics and I can fully understand the disillusionment felt by so many people.

I suppose it would be argued that he wasn't that important but considering the intertwined way Charles Dundas operates within Ming's office, old Porridge wonders just what practices Duncan witnessed to disillusion him within Ming's inner sanctum.

Happily Duncan has allowed us to ask him , so "Ask Duncan" what Fibbery made him disillusioned.

Ming was impressed at how his Scottish manifesto was coming along

In response to Labour Candidate who made similar comments, Duncan Thorp has said:

"I have made it quite clear that I did not quit the Scottish Liberal Democrats because of my time working for Iain Smith MSP in any way.

"I have great respect for Iain as an individual and I hope to remain on good terms with him despite my departure.

"I have condemned the entire political party system and this very much includes Tony Blair's Labour Party who are currently making a disaster of running our country.

"This Labour spin is a prime example of the political party tribalism that is currently destroying respect for a failing political system."

I would like to draw your attention to my recent comments already posted here.

This Labour spin story is indeed completely false.

I know from direct experience that the Lib Dems are certainly no worse than the other political parties in Scotland.

Blogging is a great way to develop political debate but websites such as this achieve little but corrode any remaining respect for the political system.

Please do feel free to ask me any questions you like by emailing duncan@votethorp.com or checking out the website www.votethorp.com

Cheers, Duncan
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