Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Down on the Farm

Andrew Arbuckle is a farmer. He used to write a farming column in the Courier.

He got dumped to number two on the regional list for Mid Scotland and Fife behind relative novice, but well known fantasist, Alex Cole-Hamilton.

He also got into a spot of bother over the bridge tolls issue not so long ago.

That apart he has been fairly unimportant and uninteresting, as anyone who has had to sit through one of his interminably boring speeches in parliament will testify.

So, why the sudden interest?

Well, it seems old Andrew has a bit of a problem with the way in which Scotland's farming community is being smothered in red tape. By his own party.

For while Andrew is keen to play the friendly farmer looking out for his own, the simple fact is that it is his party which has held the agriculture brief since 1999, with Ross Finnie having been the Minister in charge, and it is his party which has done absolutely nothing to alter the red tape situation since devolution, indeed it has been responsible for most of the red tape.

Of course, Andrew doesn't have any problem voting against his own Ministers on other issues. The most recent vote on bridge tolls, for example.

The Lib Dem hierarchy weren't overly keen on Andrew's suggested election campaign slogan: We're sh*t and we know we are.

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