Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Perhaps I should have read the White Paper...

Oh no Jo v3!

It keeps getting worse. Squealer once again saw Ms. Swinson charge into the breach only to be repelled by the most feared Ministerial one-liner "Yes, and we have said that in the White Paper".

Whoopsies! Yesterday during DWP questions Swinson delivered this gem:

Jo Swinson (East Dunbartonshire) (LD): Does the Secretary of State agree that one of the reasons for the high levels of outstanding CSA debt is the ridiculously long repayment terms that are given? A constituent of mine is owed £9,000 and she has been told that her ex-husband can repay it over 39 years. Will the CSA replacement body get tough on the maintenance cheats and enforce repayments over much shorter time scales, to make sure that the money gets to the children while they are still children?

Mr. Hutton: Yes, and we have said that in the White Paper.

Another classic example of an attempt to make a cheap political point only to have it spectacularly backfire. Like a cluster-bomb. Of course she has a history of hilarity in the chamber...here, here, here...well you get the picture.

Squealer will continue to enthusiastically sift through Hansard to find more knee-slappers.

The Chamber buzzed with excitement: Swinson was about to deliver another screamer

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