Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Baby of The House vs Bumbling Hypocrite

In the battle to have the worst oral question to the FCO yesterday, two contenders emerged.

Contender one: Willie Rennie

Continuing his bumbling rank hypocrisy, Wil-lie Rennie asked a question, you guessed it, on cluster bombs. Although his question was grouped with fellow fibber John Leech he did get a good follow up in. We give Willie top marks for continuing his inconsistency in the chamber in standing up for this issue. It is clear he works somewhat tirelessly, when he feels like it, in banning the bombs he helped to sell. We also give him bonus points for the irony of using the term ‘dumb’ to describe the wares he helped to hawk.

Score 9/10

Contender two: Jo Swinson

Jo was keen to pick up where Wil-lie left off. Her question on ‘rubber bullets’ was a real howler.
Even though the Ministers witty response that, ‘she (Swinson) will acknowledge that rubber bullets are a hell of a lot better than ordinary metal ammunition, which tends to kill people or blow their arms off’, did detract a few points she quickly made them up again as she followed the new Fibdem trend of wanting to ban weapons that kill scores of people every year whilst supporting those that have the potential to indiscriminately kill the entire human race. Squealer is often paralysed with fear at the thought of the instant apocalypse that rubber bullets will bring.

Given her past PQ performances she must be given a few marks for keeping the streak alive.

Score 9/10

A tie! Squealer must wait for another showdown…he shan’t have to wait long.

I think the judging is biased. I lie way more often than Willie...lazy bloggers!

vacuous tart vs vacuous hypocrite. hm see the problem here.
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