Monday, February 12, 2007


This is getting embarrassing

Oh no Jo v4!

She strikes again! After a short hiatus Squealer started to trawl through Hansard once more only to find that Oatens beat me to it. Save for this gem.

If the last embarrassment during DWP questions wasn’t punishment enough, Ms. Swinson with arms waving in head-girl-esque debating movements delivered this bombast:

Jo Swinson (East Dunbartonshire) (LD): The Leader of the House mentioned the response that he gave two weeks ago to the request by my hon. Friend the Member for Somerton and Frome (Mr. Heath) for a debate on the Act of Union. He told us just now that he would think about it, but what he said then was:

“That is a good idea. I shall consult my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Scotland and I hope to make an announcement in due course.”—[ Official Report, 25 January 2007; Vol. 455, c. 1558.]

Does what he said just now mean that he consulted his right hon. Friend, who thought that it was a bad idea to have a debate on this important issue, or can we expect such a debate in the near future?

Mr. Straw: I do not think that there is much difference between what I said previously and what I said just now. I am thinking about it.

Queue the tumbleweed, then the bursts of uncontrollable laughter from all sides of the House

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