Monday, March 19, 2007


Did Somebody Mention Pots and Kettles?

So, Malcolm Bruce decided to launch a broadside against the SNP for accepting a £500,000 donation from Brian Souter, the Stagecoach magnate.

Lib Dem election campaign chairman Malcolm Bruce said: "The nationalists should be utterly ashamed to take money from a man who put £500,000 into his own personal homophobic campaign. What kind of party is the SNP?"

While we don't necessarily agree with Mr Souter's personal or political opinions here at Fib Dem Towers, we cannot help but feel slightly bemused at this line of attack.

After all, Mr Souter has never been sent to prison for committing fraud.

Nor has he ever run one of his companies into the ground, leaving its workforce without pensions.

What kind of party would accept money from people with those sort of backgrounds?

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