Sunday, April 08, 2007


Easter Non-Rising

Has Tavish Scott still been celebrating Up Helly Aa and let the drink go to his head?

According to Tavish: “The momentum is with the Liberal Democrats.”

Judging by today's poll they certainly are on a roll - but more of the Easter Egg variety - i.e. going downhill.

On the constituency vote the Fib Dems have 14%. An impressive increase from their 2003 vote when they only managed to get a derisory 15.13%. And it's far more impressive than their depressing 2005 result when they only managed to scrape 22.63%.

Their regional vote also shows the winds are with them. From the lows of 11.78 % in 2003 they are now steamrolling ahead at 10%.

On both votes they are leaving the Tories well behind in third place to their extremely good fourth.

And there's good news for Nigel Neil Noddy Nicola Stephens. He is wanted by a massive 5% of the electorate and leaves the Tory leader trailing well in front of him.

All in all classic FibDem electioneering. Unfortunately for them the press don't appear to fall for this scam.

Tavish's claims of winning the Tour de France were put in doubt when he had to ask the way in the under 12's bike race

Have posted a cleaned up Lib Dems on Fence Graphic HERE. Hat tip welcome.

Have also done a Rennie "in the sea" graphic for my Rosyth story.
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