Thursday, April 26, 2007


LibDem’s in Edinburgh, “We’re Lying Here!”

I’m sure loyal readers will remember us highlighting enivro-ruining, wrong-polling-day Mike Crockart, FibDem candidate for Edinburgh North and Leith. He is continuing his duping of the voters, (this time to his benefit) with a classic FibDem ‘bar chart’. This has been raised many times elsewhere, the old “using the last election as an example” trick even though that is CLEARLY MISLEADING THE VOTER as it refers to a Westminster election not a Scottish Parliament election. The Scotsman yesterday said:
“The Lib Dems' election literature also uses a bar chart showing them just five per cent behind Labour. It is labelled "The result here last time" without explaining that means the Westminster rather than Holyrood election.”
Classic duplicitous lying fibbery from the Liberal Democrats. Hopefully the voters expose him for what he really is.

Mike insisted that this was an accurate chart

Except that the Scotsman was wrong about this in the first place. Beside each bar chart on every Lib Dem leaflet are the words "2005 General Election Result". If people choose to ignore this, that's not the Lib Dem's fault.
Love the blog guys. You seem to make it kinda tough to get in touch, so I'd like to alert you to the Fib's latest PEB which just aired on BBC ONE. (Also see [] at 1:16).

Apparently Margaret Smith is no longer a Scottish Parliamentary candidate, but a "Scottish Parliament spokesperson" despite there being NO MSPs elected right now. It says exactly that on the Parly website.

Are the Fib's now trying to say Nicol is endorsed by the Scottish Parliament corporate body?! Could any candidate now claim to be a "Scottish Parliament spokesperson"?!

Unfortunately I don't know who to offically complain to about this one, but hope one of your readers will do it. Seems the Fibs just can't help using the ever-so-slightly misleading words and phrases!!

Keep up the good work.
See the link youngdegsy and it says 'How you voted in Edinburgh North & Leith' last time. It does not mention that it was on different boundaries and that the Nats were second in the last Scottish Parliamentary election.

It is blatant misrepresentation and it is the Lib Dems fault, they use it as their central campaigning tactic!
The graph used in central edinburgh wasn't up to much either
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