Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Struggling to be heard

Squealer is really scratching his head after the Fib’s manifesto launch. Apparently the sound system didn’t even work at the launch but the hacks didn’t mind…there wasn’t anything to cover anyway.

Doing the math so far the Liberal Democrats have promised 100 new local health centres, 2000 nurses, 1000 cops. Well we aren’t the first to notice that this simply doesn’t wash. What were they doing for the LAST 8 YEARS in Government? Given their recent amazing polling figures, it seems the electorate are wise to this con as well.

Fred, Nicky, Jeb, Nicol Stephen was happy he could get Irn Bru in his future home

Note: It appears that Squealer and Co. are really starting to get to the Fibs. Although not mentioned by name, we proudly consider ourselves cyber-bullies. Sorry Ms Teather.

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