Saturday, September 22, 2007


Constructive Xenophobia?

When Tim Reid wrote this did he fall asleep and dream Ming Campbell made a barn stormer speech? Because I certainly did when I started listening to it. Well fall asleep that is. I actually dreamt about being attacked by rubber bar charts and woke up in a cold sweat.

But never mind all that. Tim does provide us with some interesting information that recalls the heady days of Fib Dem arrogance when they thought calling others xenophobes and anti-English would win them votes.

It's all a bit undermined when you read this section:
"It makes you wonder why we bother coming down to these English conferences at all," one Scottish delegate moaned.

And given that the leader's chief of staff, Ed Davey, described anywhere outside London, including Edinburgh, as "the sticks" fewer may bother making the trip next year.
Ah, so those nice Scottish Fibs don't actually like their English compatriots and refer to their British conference as 'English' and their English compatriots view them as yokels.

But with the FibDems being FibNats it wouldn't be like them if they didn't practice a bit of Fiberal Unionism as well just so they could keep their end up in that direction. As Tim writes:
But after Sir Ming's apparent contempt for what he describes as the 'cosy consensus' between Labour and the Tories, one that he insists the Lib Dems are going to fight against, some were left wondering what that made their talks in Scotland.

The Lib Dems say there is an important distinction. The talks between Nicol Stephen, Wendy Alexander and Annabel Goldie are based on "constructive co- operation" apparently rather than cosy consensus, they say.
Hmmmm, yes. I believe that is being called "caught out" once again.

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