Saturday, July 15, 2006


Opportunisty Knocks

Never let it be said that the FibDems don't do brazen shame when another party is in a little bit of difficulty.

In response to the arrest of Lord Levy over the loans for lordship thingy a one Norman Lamb, FibDem Meister Minging Crooked Mouth's chief of lies, said: "The proximity with which Lord Levy operates to Downing Street means that these reports raise serious questions for the prime minister and the Labour party as a whole."

Mmmmm. Is that so Norman. So I take it you'll be wanting the £2.4 million question surrounding the arrest of FibDem donor Michael Brown answered as well? Like was it nicked cash as a collection of investors claim and if so will you hand back this stolen propety?

Happily David Hencke of the Gaurdian hasn't let that one pass him by: "The Liberal Democrats are not out of the loop either - their biggest donor, Michael Brown, who gave them £2.4m, is facing criminal charges over missing millions of pounds lent to his company."

Pondering his faux pas Norman wondered if he could make a comeback as a host for a new series of "Opportunity Knockers"

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