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What a pasting the Fibs took in Parliament for their most recent example of opportunism dressed up as principle. It was bloody as a MPs from the most ideologically divergent parties piled in to expose the simpering likes of Danny Alexander, Julia Goldsworth, John Thurso and Chris Huhne.

Just read the debate here and marvel at the sweat and tears you see oozing from the pages as the Fibs pretend to be the motorists friend and saying they'll decrease fuel tax whilst having a policy that would increase it. You'll find that here.

Old Porridge hopes that this triangulated gun fire on the people who pollute politics with their opportunism will be seen more often. One wonders if they have been reading FibDems to pick up tips?

But nevertheless let us line them up to be mentioned in despatches for well planned ambush. Let's hear it for...

Andrew Turner

John Bercow

Rob Marris

John Healey

Paul Goodman

David Taylor

Stewart Hosie

Mark Lazarowicz

Brooks Newmark

You did the cause of truth and true political debate proud.

But I'm not finished yet as there may have been something you miss in reading the debate.

At two points Mr Alexander promised to answer interventions put to him later on in his speech:

Mr. Andrew Turner (Isle of Wight) (Con): The hon. Gentleman mentions some exceptionally distant rural areas and says that motoring is the only option, but that cannot be the case in the islands of Scotland, because ferries will be important as well. Where does he expect the line to be drawn between remote areas that would benefit from his new clause and non-remote areas that would not so benefit?

Danny Alexander: The hon. Gentleman anticipates a later part of my remarks, so if he will allow me I will press on.


Rob Marris: The hon. Gentleman is being very generous in giving way. He was talking about an anomalous situation before. Is not his proposal somewhat anomalous in light of the Liberal Democrats’ proposals to increase green taxes? This seems to be going in completely the opposite direction; it is putting down the price of fuel.

Danny Alexander: The hon. Gentleman anticipates my concluding remarks, in which I will address that point directly.

Old Porridge has done a quick 'find' on the relevant web pages and can't find Mr Alexander addressing 'ferries' or 'green' at all.

Such dishonourable behaviour on the floor of the House Mr Alexander. Tut, tut. Hoping your fellow MPs wouldn't notice your feeble attempt to avoid answering the question Dodgy?

There was loud sniggering from the Commons when Danny
claimed he was the proud owner of a fully working Spitfire.

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