Friday, October 27, 2006


A Question of Honesty

Just as we said, and as Iain Dale said, and as Guido said, and as Yellow Peril said, the Fibs just would not be able to avoid a reckoning over the £2.4 million question.

Now it is reported that the "Electoral Commission could still seize £2.4m donated to the Liberal Democrats by a man later jailed for perjury, the watchdog has said".

Doesn't really chime with their claim that "There is no connection between the Liberal Democrats and the offences to which Michael Brown has pleaded guilty and has been sentenced today".

But it is the Fibs we are dealing with here.

Ming was desperate so he turned to Cllr McPherson* on how to deal convincingly with the legal authorities

* N.B. Linked story is 17 June 2005. Photo is from 2nd Jul 2006. Does Ming approve?

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