Thursday, January 25, 2007


Willie forgets to drop into arms debate

After trawling through the wonderfully exciting debates that occur in Westminster Hall, Squealer was struck by a very notable absence. A one Wil-lie Rennie didn’t make it to a debate on Arms Exports from the UK.

Hmm…is this the man who is campaigning so vigorously against cluster bombs? You think he would have dropped in, guided or not.

But then again he has been pictured at a Raytheon weapons factory, a company that he also happened to do PR for. We reported it here, here and here. What a mess Wil-lie. What a mess indeed.

While Willie scolded the man for selling cluster bombs, he was assured that other weapons systems were hot sellers abroad.

Update: Hat tip to Chris Paul for pointing out that the factory isn't even in Wil-lies constituency. The truth only makes the saga better. Rennie had to make that extra-special effort to be a hypocrite.

Hi Fibdems

There is something wrong with the Hansard link from where I'm sitting.

Following and blogging the Wi-Lie story with great interest and regularly blogging it at John Leech watch and on my own blog. Hope to follow up today. You have had a link there from the start and a reciprocal one would be great.

I promise to keep sneering at Scottish Lib Dems if you keep sneering at Leech, and Hunter and Rowen too if you get the chance.

Best w

Chris P
This link does work. Five hon members took part. Was it scheduled against a Defence Select Committee or the like? That was Leech's actually rather reasonable excuse when he missed one re Transport.

Incidentally Leech had one himself re Police Numbers and Ann Coffey MP managed to get him to say there was not a cuts budget for the next year!!

Will Parbury's caption competition yesterday provoked some good sport with someone called valentine poking fun at Lib Dems approach to drugs while some anonymous types were making uncalled for in/out of closet "jokes".

I just had a go at him for being dim. See Police debate!!
In fact, Rennie is so keen on sucking up to cluster bomb manufacturers that the factory he visited is not in his constituency. It's not even next door to his constituency. He seems so keen to dance attendance upon them that he'll scuttle miles to do so.
Have blogged a Burns Night Rennie Special.
Ha Ha Ha. Willie really gets up your noses because he took a safe Labour seat.

Maybe you should be addressing why that was instead of try to smear him.
Hi Fib Dems - it was Blankety Blank that spotted the geography inn your own comments, and I blogged it onwards from there ... keep up the good work. Leech went on radion in Mcr slagging off casinos and saying there were no jobs, no regeneration and nowt but the wages of sin from the damned things. Minutes later Manchester had secured £250M investment, £100M benefit per year, 2770 jobs, 7% casino and 93% not casino, loads of planning gain money and purchase price of land etc etc etc.
Best w Chris P
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