Friday, February 23, 2007


Fibbing Time

Our old favourite Mr, ehm, what's-his-name, erm, thingey. You know? The guy who WILL be First Minister. Well he was on Question Time last night ... or should that be Fibbing Time.
. .
Question 1. Iraq

FibDems were against an "illegal" war in Iraq. Oh really?.

Question 2. Congestion Charging

According to Nicol his party's support does not mean that it will increase the costs of driving.

Eh?! This is FibDemmery at it's pinnacle.
Since congestion charging is meant to make people consider alternatives to driving, as it would be more expensive such, a policy would be extremely contradictory.
Unless of course Nicol is just fibbing about the cost, or displaying that fine Fiberal tradition of promoting expensive policies that amount to nothing..

Question 3. Independence
Apparently, according to Nicol, he doesn't support an independence referendum and it's quite consistent because they didn't support one on devolution. Well that's reassuring until you consider they were so principled on the matter that you might see a certain Jim Wallace skulking at the right of this photo in an, er, referendum campaign:

But rest assured. The Fiberal Unionists won't agree to the Nats demand of a referendum. So much so that when asked if it meant any coalition with them was out the question proceeded to say he had not said that.
So as clear as mud from the Fib Nats then.

Question 4. Crime
Chance for Nicol to appeal to Yoof. We refer our honourable audience to our previous post.
Question 5. Statue of Maggie
He hated her but now doesn't. An appeal to votes all round methinks. So no change there.

Well I'm sure Margaret would have had a message for the Fiberal benches on that one.

Fantastic pic... did you give Maggie the finger?
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