Thursday, March 15, 2007


Radiant Lib-Dems Suffer major Fallout

Squealer couldn’t wait for the Trident vote last night, and crikey, he wasn’t disappointed. It seems that we here at FibDems are not alone in spotting the absurd, ambiguous and non-sensical Lib Dem position on replacing the nuclear detterent.

The First up was Tony, who given an all too regular soft-ball from Minger responded:

We are set to reduce the number of warheads, but it is absurd to say that we can somehow put off the question of whether we take a decision now on this concept and design phase.
Therefore, we cannot put this decision off; we have to take it now. I recall that a few days ago, the right hon. and learned Gentleman said on this issue,
“I will not sit on the fence.”
I am afraid that “on the fence” is exactly where he is, and as I think that he will find, it is not a very comfortable place to be.
Fence-sitting? Liberals!? NEVER

Opening the debate proper was the Rt. Hon Margaret Beckett. She took no time to assail the Fibs:

…There is therefore no evidence whatever for the notion that if we defer this decision, that will somehow magically produce a different response from other players than we have had hitherto. I simply say to him—I apologise if I am offending anybody in the House in saying it—that there are only two credible positions to take today: you are either in favour of this decision or you are against it. The notion that there is an excuse that allows people to get out of the problem today and return to it later is, frankly, escapology.

Well what is it Fibs? Yes or No or of course MAYBE. Now on the case of the Fib’s “expert advice”:

…The claim is made that those proposals are based on expert analysis, but nothing whatever has been done to explain either whom the experts were or what the analysis was

Fibs without any real evidence? I simply do not believe it. The Tories didn’t want to miss the show either. Dr. Fox got a good salvo off in his closing remarks:

The time scale was the fig leaf used by the Liberal Democrats to disguise their utter confusion and division on the issue. The intellectual spaghetti dished up by the Liberal Democrat spokesman reminded us of the difference between parties that have to confront the realities of government and those that are merely interested observers on the sidelines… I cannot help but feel that the delay that the Liberal Democrats propose is only to cover the fact that they cannot muster the political courage to face up to this most crucial decision. Today they were revealed at their most pathetic.

Well Doc, I couldn’t agree more! A classic fence-sitting, totally ambiguous and politically suicidal position from the Fibs – We love it!

"intellectual spaghetti"... brilliant.
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