Thursday, March 22, 2007


Rocket Man Rennie

It seems like Willie (Wil-lie) Rennie has secured a victory!
The MoD are going to ban the two kinds of cluster munitions, the RBL 755 aerial delivered cluster munition and the Multi launch Rocket System M26 munition.
You see, Raytheon had a very big hand in making the Multi launch Rocket System. The very same system that fires the cluster munitions and the very same company Willie's PR firm used to work for. I wonder if Rennie will return for another visit to the Raytheon factory that is outside of his constituency anytime soon?

This just keeps getting better. Shame on you Wil-lie. Shame on you indeed.

Willie assured his fello fibs that this Raytheon Rocket Launcher's arsenal was cut by half...and now only used for peace

That Wil-lie gag was shocking.

Mate, gags arent your thing.

I mean, Fib Dems. that's pretty poor.

Keep up the good work, though you could try and get out some more?
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