Friday, April 20, 2007


FibDem Poll Update

Squealer is all riled up about polling and the Scottish Parliament Election. In a poll that rivals the LibDem's standards for accuracy and margin of error, we are proud to once again publish our ‘Who is the Most Ridiculous Lib Dem in Scotland Poll’. It has pushed by the significant 300 mark. (This is about 300 times the average sample size used by Fibs in their dodgy bar charts.)

Jo Swinson 30%, Nicol Stephen 21%, Willie Rennie 18%, George Lyon 8%, Alan Reid 6%, Danny Alexander 6%

Squealer believes that Oh No Jo Swinson is a strong frontrunner. However he is slightly perplexed that people even knew to vote for NicolWho’ Stephen since no one appears to know who he is. Willie Rennie is an outside favourite, and given his position on tolling and cluster bombs, he could rumble his Westminster colleague if his hypocrisy continues. We encourage all readers to vote, and if there are any fibs who you think should be added to the list, please let us know.

Ming appeared confused by the words 'significant sample size', 'accuracy', 'margin of error', 'representative' and 'truthful' when he was considering a polling firm.

The doddery old Ming is the best poster boy for the Lib Dems...leave him alone!
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