Saturday, July 01, 2006


Proud to Lie

Old Porridge is writing a stern and, if I might say so myself, rather witty letter to the party leader asking that he get the finger out and deal with the Literal Decievers of British politics.

One does have to ask how often they can get away with selling the same nag after three by-elections this year have showed up the worst of their behaviour to those who give a recessmonkey about politics but not to the disengaged voters who are unaware of the lies they are being told?

With my devastating epistle I will be sending the leader a box of these...

(Those are for going through the Fibs literature finely Mr Cameron)

...and one of these...

(For telling the voters what lies they are telling Dave)

My advice is simple - Don't let it happen again. Get this out...

Nevertheless the reaction of smuggery from the Fibs is as expected. "Sensational", "stupendous", "ground breaking" and "did the earth move for you, honey" have been some of their reactions - well apart from the last one. Old Minger was even saying what a strong candidate Ben Abbots was.

If he were so strong Ming why couldn't scrub off this graffiti?:

Along with that he didn't seem to have that much strength in helping third world children - again only hanging about for a few hours for a photo.

He also pretended to be local and traduced Bob Neill for not being local - hypocrisy.

Again spread snide smears about Bob Neill haveing more than one job when he, his party and his leader are also multi-taskers (except at grafitti removal obviously).

And told the usual whoppers like abolishing tuition fees.

All I can say is that it is still a relief that Bromley didn't end up buying the old banger sold as a Ferrari.

No, not that old banger.

Nor that one.

That's a middle aged one.

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