Thursday, July 20, 2006


Will-lie Nae Mates

One of my spies in the south tells me an interesting tale from the terrace last night.

Dunfermline and West Fife fraud MP Will-lie Rennie was seen forlornly wandering up and down the terrace looking equally forlornly for someone to meet as groups of politicos sat relaxing throwing warm beer and G&T's down their throats. One wonders why the victor of such a victorious victory could be so ignored?

What with the Fibs desperately trying to bore voters to death with how good they are (at lying to get votes) you would have thought they they would mention wee Will-lie as well. Could it be that his colleagues are embarrassed about how he brings a focus to their duplicity? Or maybe they do have some principles on the arms trade? Or is it simply the case that he does absolutely nothing to get himself out there?

All in all it did look like Will-lie Nae Mates. And with 60 odd colleagues compared to the likes of Richard Taylor's none it must be a right scunner to see the doctor in the company of many from other parties whilst he passes by unnoticed.

Will-lie was nervous when the party appointed Fraser MacPherson as his special friend

Regarding Lobbyists - did you notice that the LibDems have selected ANOTHER lobbyist as a candidate? In Midlothian they have selected the head of Citigate. Now during the Dunfermline by-election Wil-Lie said he worked in public RELATIONS not affairs. Do you think their candidate in Midlothian will also lie about being a lobbyist?
They are well suited to each other - Willie should watch his back. Or is is Willie he is after?
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