Monday, September 18, 2006


Aberdeen Journals stick Nic

Oh Dear! Has our favourite Scottish FibDem leader been found out by Aberdeen Journals? That would appear to be the outcome of this unflattering piece in the Evening Express. We pray and hope chickens are coming home to roost.

In true Fib fashion he denied and admitted on the same issue - "Liberal Democrat leader Nicol Stephen today denied he feared a bypass backlash at the ballot box next May. ..But the Aberdeen South MSP admitted the £400 million western peripheral route was a "difficult issue" for him."

If you've nothing to "fear" Nicol, what's so "difficult"?

They continue - "But the road is not Mr Stephen's only problem - his national profile is too. A national newspaper recently showed pictures of Mr Stephen on the streets of Scotland's main cities. Remarkably few people were able to identify him."

We know, we know!!!! We enjoyed that one.

..."When asked if this was a problem, with an election due next May, he replied: "I'm a new party leader. I've been in office 12 months and clearly my profile will go up very significantly during next year's election campaign"..."

FibDems hopes so as more voters will be able to see the Fibs squirm as they have to defend their own responsibility in government rather than feign opposition.

Then there was this old canard.

"He claimed the Lib Dems were well-placed to become the single largest party in Scotland. "

Do give up Nicol. No-one believes you. Which might explain the mocking tones of the article.

..."And he insisted the North-east has benefited from having him in such a high-profile role. "

Like this benefit???

But the best was yet to come...

"...senior Lib Dem city councillor Neil Fletcher recently criticised Mr Stephen - his party leader - for concentrating too much on his ministerial duties at the expense of Aberdeen. "

Oh dear. Trouble at mill I see...

"I would ask the simple question back - would they rather have a politician from a different political party representing them or would they rather all the ministers and party leaders came from the Central Belt?" he opined back.


"The Aberdeen FibDem chairman had to postpone the meeting after Nicol took offence."

I also liked the line:

He said he had been working hard as Enterprise Minister to promote the oil and gas industry, most recently on a visits to Moscow and Norway.

Funny that he made no reference to his recent meeting with Jeb Bush though...
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