Friday, January 05, 2007


2006 Round Up

After a holiday hiatus, in which Squealer found new resolve to expose the deceit of the Liberal Democrats, it is once more into the breach.

In order to round out the year past, in which readers will agree the Fibs reached new dizzying heights of fibbery we see Wil-lie Rennie getting newfound praise for his attempts to ban cluster munitions. Shame on the Scotsman (mostly for not reading our blog where the story broke).

Not to be outshone, Nicol ‘who?’ Stephen continued his delusions of grandeur in his New Years message, claiming that the Lib’s could become the largest party next year North of the border. I imagine they are citing their ever-reliable and trustworthy polling data.

Nora Radcliffe went even further into madness, claiming that the Liberal Democrats were the inheritors of Dr Martin Luther Kings mantle. The Gordon MSP released their new housing scheme under the headline ‘Lib Dems have a dream of more affordable housing’ . The Scotsman somewhat redeemed itself today - quoting Peter MacMahon, ‘The idea that Ms Radcliffe, estimable though she may be, leading a march of million to the steps of Holyrood and proclaiming that she had a dream for land reform is laughable were it not so crass’. All true, but more to the point, haven't they had 7 years as part of the Government to change this?

And no New Year round up would be complete without a bit about Ms Swinson. Again she is campaigning against the closure Post Offices...this time in England. Not only is she confused about where her constituency is, she is confused of her party’s policy.

"I have a dream, a dream that one day my party will not be judged by the content of its policies but rather by its colourful lies"

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